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Review Articles

The Genetics, Current Research, and Future Treatment of Alport Syndrome PDF
Elise Alexandra Kikis, Emily Holland Williams 1-7

Assessment of Tobacco Use in Cancer Survivorship Research Among National Cancer Institute-designated Cancer Centers or Affiliated Universities: A Systematic Review PDF
Caroline Joanne Vrana, Teresa Kern, Roger Anderson 8-13

The Genes, Proteins, and the Cell Biological Processes Underlying Emery-Dreifuss Muscular Dystrophy PDF
Elise Alexandra Kikis, Megan Elizabeth Mastey 14-18

Sex and longevity: Why women live longer than men. PDF
Milagros S. Peck, Amber T Porter, Breanna D Hayes, Dammah Otieno, Angelina J Hargrove, Cynethia C Mayhand, Anisa I Johnson, Lynda M Brown 19-23

Hypothalamic Amenorrhea: Causes, Complications, & Controversies PDF
Taylor Collins, Krista L Rompolski 24-32

Establishing Optimal Mental Health Care for Common Mental Disorders in Primary Health Care PDF
Lauren Kennedy 40-46

Research Articles

DNA: An Investigation of the Three-Day Strength Guarantee Made by Magnum Nutraceuticals in Regards to their Branch Chained Amino Acid Supplement DNA PDF
Nicholas Conley 33-39

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