Table of Contents

Review Articles

What makes humans human? a review of important genetic differences between chimpanzees and humans PDF
Danielle Taylor Cormier, Autumn Brooke Berry, Matthew Rhodes, Jeffrey Copeland 1-6

Rational Design Protein Engineering Through Crowdsourcing PDF
Tylar Seiya Farmer, Patrick Bohse, Dianne Kerr 31-38

The Search for Meaning and the Conundrum of Authority in The Castle PDF
Kenneth K. Lee, David Ross 39-44

Research Articles

The Effects of Task Load and Change Elements on Change Blindness PDF
Amanda Volkamer, Kathy Sexton-Radek 7-13

Phenotypic effects of probiotics on Xenopus laevis development PDF
Annika M Van Oosbree, Alyssa M Kiesow 14-20

Compliance of Maternal Health Educational Intervention in Urban Slums in India PDF
Shikha Chandarana, Darren Zinner 21-30

Emphasis of University Supervisor Feedback to Teacher Candidates PDF
Valentina Vertemara, Tanya Flushman 45-55

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