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Review Articles

Physical, Unconscious, and Non-physical Factors of Attraction PDF
Ciara Nadelkov 1-6

A critical look at the terms feminism, Feminism, and womanism and the applicability, or not, of each in conversation with Toni Morrison’s First and Last Novels The Bluest Eye and Home PDF
Lauren Malotra-Gaudet 7-12

An Ethical Assessment on the Management of Sika Deer in Scotland; With Particular Reference to Hybridisation with Native Red Deer PDF
Sarah Malcolm 13-27

Marriage in Cinema PDF
Priju Varghese 33-35

Research Articles

Enhancing whole grain, fiber, and iron content of pancakes: Impacts on quality attributes and adult receptivity PDF
Anna Marie Rose Hayes, Sarah Catherine Howe, Teri Burgess-Champoux 36-43

The Agency of Iroquois Women through Corn Production PDF
David Perrotto 44-48

Academic Colleges in the Galilee: Platforms for Inter-Group Relations PDF
Yaffa Moskovich, Ido Liberman 49-57

Transformation of Knights with Magic PDF
Tanner Strong 58-63

Women's Influence on Chrétien de Troyes PDF
Madeline Dorothy Barney 64-68

A Closer Look at the Risks vs. Benefits of Kava (Piper methysticum) PDF
Anan Hussein 69-72

Media Influences on Body Image Dissatisfaction: the Moderating Role of Collectivism vs. Individualism PDF
Yu Du 73-87

Weight Status and Dietary and Physical Activity Behavior Differences Between Hispanic and Non-Hispanic Children in the U.S. PDF
Beth Louisa Ellcessor 88-93

Online Banner Adverts: More Than The Final Click PDF
Donavan Burgess 94-104

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